$150 Base Level Annual Membership* for small businesses, solopreneurs, start-ups, or those who aspire to put themselves in position to start.

Benefits include access to:

  • Business Consulting
  • Expos
  • Chamber Events
  • Business Directory
  • Network Communications
  • Workshops/Seminar
  • Writers Support Group
  • Media Features
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Ribbon Cutting/Grand Openings Support
  • Discounted Services: Joint Memberships, Ad Network Marketing/PR, Content Creation, Graphics, Branding, Influencer Groups, Training Development, EICCN/MKC/Signature/Special Events, Writers Workshop, Podcast Opportunities, Professional Course Development, EICCN Media Network Access
  • EICC Network Paid Access: Discounted Services– Opportunity to invest in future EICCN Chapters, EICCN Ad Network, EICCN Business Directory, MKC Network Access, MKC Kingdom Project Access, EICCN Joint Memberships

*$10 Processing fee applies to memberships.