Becoming an EICC Network Founding Member has its benefits!

In addition to helping the network globally impact the Marketplace for the Kingdom of God, you will also get 2 free e-Lunch Break & Learn access passes, 2 free quarterly breakfast registrations, guaranteed visibility as a Marketplace Mastery Business Spotlight Feature (limited  availability, all others will be waitlisted), Special Ad in the “Founding Member” segment of the Business Directory of each market you join, and discounts off all EICC/EICCN Signature events and offers.

As the network enters new markets, our Founding Members will have the opportunity to also join those chapters local memberships allowing them to expand their business footprint and reach at a discounted rate.

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You will need to request founding membership for each city/chapter separately and fees will apply for each city/chapter you desire to be a founding member of.

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